Jasper Sikken's World

Thank you for visiting my personal website. I was born in 1980 in The Netherlands. May 31 2013 I said "I do" to Marlieke. Since August 2013 we live in Mountain View, California (USA). My parents are called Johan and Lineke. My siblings are Emma and Bertrik. Check Bertrik's homepage. I love my wife, running, electronics, programming microcontrollers, hiking, going out, stargazing and taking pictures of the good things in life.

My profession is electronic hardware engineer. I design electronic circuits, select components, create PCB layouts and test designs. I designed electronics for the internet of things, for central heating appliances, for testing other electronics, for testing IC's and for personal interest. I have a Masters degree in Biomedical Technology and I have specialized in electrical stimulation and sensing of signals in the human body. Also, I have a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and specialized in medical electronics. During this study I did my practical training for 5 months in Finland.

jrsikken at gmail.com